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Real Rose Petals

The rose petals used in Ette’s Flora Rosa vodka are hand-picked at full bloom from the Rose Valley in Bulgaria, giving each drop a sun-kissed floral flavor that is truly one of a kind.

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All-Natural Flavors

In the Ette garden, everything blooms naturally. Infused with real botanicals, free from gluten, and 100% vegan, Ette allows you to indulge your senses without guilt or hesitation.

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High-Quality Vodka

Ette’s delicate and refined distillation process makes Flora Rosa vodka smooth as a petal and every bit as fragrant. Using locally sourced corn in a zero-loss facility, Ette’s vodka is sustainably created right here in the USA.


Ette is not building a customer base, but a community. For every person whose imagination swells after their first sip, Ette welcomes you to the garden. Have questions? Suggestions? Daydreams? Get in touch via email, DM or Twitter. And don’t forget to share your #ettemoments on social media.

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